Sunday, May 04, 2003

The Hideaway Diner, Northport Maine

Greg and I went for a quick dinner at the Hideaway...This log cabin diner in Northport is one of the only local restaurants that is open all year. We often go for breakfast, and let me tell you, they have wonderful eggs on a biscuit. But this review is for dinner.......We were one of four tables, and the only people "from away". If you are not from Maine and move here when you are 6 months old and live here all your life, you are still considered "from away." Though my friend Sarah2 (see Darby's review below) said that if we lived through the cold all last winter and survived to complain about it, we were that much closer to being less "from away" than we were last spring.

Greg was dying for fish and chips and I reaaaaallly wanted chicken tenders for dinner...don't ask us why, we are growing boys! Our server was so very helpful and attentive...full of smiles and little was great. She brought the food pretty quickly (mmm peas tooo) and it was delicious. I have to give the Hideaway at least three stars for diner food, especially at dinner time. Times are tough and so we have to watch how much we spend. That said, there are times we are just itchin' to get out of the house and the Hideaway is a great, inexpensive alternative. Filling dinner complete with peas came to about 16 bucks...can't beat that with a stick.
We didn't try the pie this trip, but I know it is reaaally good.