Friday, December 07, 2007

Greg took me to dinner at the Waterfront in Camden last night. We had a nice cozy table by the fire and I thought about what a treat it was to eat in a different place. Belfast sure does frustrate the foodie in one when there are only two places to go to get good food that isn't fried. I've been jonesin' for the Waterfront's roasted pear and cranberry salad. It kicks pear salad ass! I noticed on the menu that the prices had indeed dropped by a dollar or two on most items. In the summertime, the pear salad is $12 or $13 bucks and in the Winter, the price drops to $11. Its often what I say I would like to do if we opened a restaurant as a thank you to year rounders.
Anyway, Greg and I each had the pear salad and Greg had Oysters on the half shell which he said were fabulous. In my quest for the best Quesadilla around these parts, I ordered the chicken Quesadilla. It was so awful that I couldn't finish it. I think it was made with phylo dough as the "tortilla" was soft, flaky, and as some of my readers know, there is nothing I hate more in a quesadilla than a smooshy exterior. The whole thing was underdone, greasy, and the onion on the inside was so hard and almost raw that I burped it up most of the night.
Of course we will go back there, its one of my favorite places in the summer, but I do think the food quality in the winter goes down a notch or two.