Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Rollie's, Belfast Maine

Rollie's has new owners, a fresh coat of paint, the Maine no smoking policy, and great bar food. All of that adds up to a new place to have lunch in Belfast! We met our friends David and Sarah there last Monday during their day off from Three Tides. We had a really pleasant time as we hadn't really seen them in forever. Between tales of pipes freezing and problems of finding plumber in these cold days, we had beautiful onion rings, burgers, grilled cheese and tomato, and fried haddock (guess who ordered that!) The owner came over after we finished and chatted with us a bit. He is a super nice guy and should do well with the business...he did tell us that he was off to the Middle East for the next six months as part of the American Troop movement there. His wife, whom we did not meet, will be running the place. I wish them the best of luck and urge all who read this who might want a "new" place for a down to earth burger or a salad to try Rollies.
Food: B
Atmosphere B-
Friendliness A