Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh, by the way...check out the comment about pizza night below. Dwayne was kind enough to share his crust recipe with us. It calls for honey and wine...thats my kinda dough. He keeps saying he thought it was yeasty, so you might want to take that into account if you make it...if you do make it, Greg and I are free for dinner most week nights, just email me!

Nothing much to post about these days. Greg and I are pretty tired when we get home from workin on the boat. We did have a really tasty salad the other night with baby spinach, shredded carrots, a beautiful tomato and warm chicken breast sauteed in oil. broth and madras curry powder. Then I added some more broth to the pan and drizzled it over the salad along with good olive oil, fresh ground sea salt, and some apple cider vinegar. mmmm healthy. Greg made it decadent by buttering a piece of bread and making a salad sammie!

Am in the airport waiting for my flight to NYC. Be back tomorrow night with a painting of a dog under my arm....pray for me and keep your fingers crossed that this thing doesn't sell into the stratosphere

Enjoy, Seth

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I was curious about the new market that opened up in the old Belfast Brewpub site across the bridge. Rumor had it, and I had it from a good source, that the market would be Belfast's answer to the Market Basket in Camden. The market, alternately called Jones Trading Post or Jones disitinctive grocer, depending on the sign you read, is actually Belfast's answer to Nealey's in Northport with some not too fresh meat in the meat case. Greg and I walked in there and were immediately struck by how disorganzied and dirty the place is. Half the shelves aren't stocked and what they are stocked with are pampers and canned corn...not twelve types of olive oil and fresh tapenade as we were led to belive. There is a wine bin and a deli counter, but the fare is not as tantelizing as it needs to be. We already have Jacks, Belfast Variety, the Bayside store, Tozier's and Hannaford...why oh why does the owner of this place think that his venture can succeed when the only distinction that I can see is that his meat is past its prime and looks like it fell off the back of a truck! I can't believe that we went into a grocery store to buy cheese and came out with nothing.....this place is not worth a special trip. Drive on past and go to Tozier's in Searsport, they have much better meat.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pizza-Off night was awesome last night. There were eight of us there and four of us making the pizza---three grown men and 1 grown woman playing top chef..the cameras should have been rolling. Like us, our friends have a half finished kitchen and I have appliance envy. Not only to they have some tough looking six burner gas stove, but they have a full-size side by side, so the fridge is full size single door and the freezer is too...damn thats hot! I digress.

Dwayne totally won last night with his hand-tossed free -form pizza with fresh mozzerella and basil. He made a sauteed mushroom pizza too, but I was too stuffed by then. Though he professed his inexperience at cooking, I think we have a natural in the making. He made his own sauce AND his own crust, having never done so before and was then critcal of his own I said, a natural.

Pete took the prize for originality with his lemon and seasalt pizza. Now if he would make his own dough, I wouldn't have to disqualify him for using Hannaford dough!

Peggie wins for most colorful and healthy with a no sauce veggie pizza that was really fresh tasting and beautiful to behold.

I made my rosemary and salt foccacia dough and added fresh tomatos, fresh basil, hot sausage and monteray jack cheese.
But I won for most decadent dessert for my chipwiches!

I hope to have photos for the blog later on.