Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Logos Pub, Belfast
Greg and I finally set foot into Logos Pub, after several years of passing it by. We had cabin fever yesterday afternoon and went to town to do some errands. We were on our way from the bank to Bay City Wraps and decided to try the Logo's lunch specials for $3.95. I was pleasantly suprised by the interior of the bar which had a lot more to look at that was interesting than most bars in the area. Interesting decor, clean, friendly, and the TV was tuned to an HGTV apartment facelift show..what more could two boys want????
Anyway, besides the regular menu, Logos offers $3.95 lunch specials. Yesterday there were crab cake sandwiches, spinach lasagna, squash soup, and a few other items. I opted for Lasagna and Greg had the Crab Cake sandwich. We sat at the bar as the only customers and had our sodas. Its so nice that one cannot smoke in bars makes the whole experience so much more pleasant.
Food arrived and I thought to myself that it looked straight out of a food service package...which it probably was. Cost them a $1.95 and a bit of electricity to nuke and voila! Greg said that his crab was actually Krab and that there wasn't much to boot. The lasagna definately tasted like a cheaper version of Stouffer's.
I might go again to try something off the regular menu. Someone came in and had a quesadilla...also food service by the look of the thing, but it did look better than the lasagna.
Food: C+
Atmosphere B+/ A-