Sunday, February 19, 2006

I just returned from auction viewing down in Boston. My friend Christine and I went to Skinner kind of late in the day and decided to stay downtown and have dinner. I picked her up at the airport and waited over an hour for her to land because of all those winds we had on Saturday. Chris was so happy to see me that she invited me to dinner and I accepted. We bumped into some collegues at Skinner and one suggested a great restaurant on Charles Street, close by and inexpensive by neighborhood standards. So we called for to say that we were just 5 minutes by foot and would they hold a table for us (no reservations) Ted, who recommended the place, was really familiar with the menu, which worked out great. We arrived at a non descript door to what we would term in Chicago, a garden restaurant, meaning one that was in the basement. And voila, we were at Artu at # 89 Charles Street. (Beacon Hill Location) This restaurant is not kind to tall people. I had to slump my shoulders a bit so my head wouldn't hit the ceiling. It is warm and inviting and extremely friendly.

We ordered a good bottle of Chianti (the most expensive wine on the menu is $58.00) and the vegetable antipasto which came heaping with gorgeous fresh squash, zucchini, carrots, green beans, and fried eggplant, drizzled in oil and perfectly grilled.
For dinner, I had the tortolini with sage butter and cheese sauce which was heavenly, though I do regret not going with my gut choice with was veal and gnocci. My two dinner companions both had the breaded chicken stuffed with prosciutto and spinach.

The meal was fantastic, the company scintillating, and the staff, so friendly and warm....all with no entree costing over $16.00. This is my kind of place. Sign me up again, I'm a regular now.