Monday, August 18, 2003

Wow, July 21st was my last post here. We've been busy trying to get 3Tides, my friends's waterfront bar, open and up and running for the last few weeks. This is our first full week of being open and boy am I tired! David and Sarah asked me to help with the menu and help cook the food for the bar. We quickly realized that the place was more of a dining establishment than any of us realized it was going to be. Wednesday night there were people lined up down the stairs for a table on the deck and lobsters and steamers were flying out the door! We created some interesting, simple to prepare, dishes that could be served out of a very small space using warming ovens, etc. We want to be known for a few things such as the quality of our shellfish, our chowder, and of course, our cornbread muffins, which are a great accompanyment to every dish.........I feel sometimes like that Duncan Donuts commercial "Time to make the cornmuffins...the cornmuffins." I am also producing gallons of lemon-limabean hummus, black bean dip and salsa for our dip sampler platter. I came up with a spinach and onion frittatta for Sunday brunch and we hit upon a popular dish which is tomato, basil and mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and served with rounds of french bread. It looks amazing on the plate. We get our desserts from a local bakery and they are delicious....death by choc...lemon layer cake...and a frangiopan. I think 3Tides is going to be a hit......