Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another one bites the dust
I was dismayed to see that Abbracci's Cafe in Searsport was listed for sale in The Village Soup Times. I liked this place, former home of Periwinkles Cafe, and thought that the owners did a good job of it in terms of food. The place didn't even last a year....why can't restaurants make it on the mid-coast???

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We are having a dinner party upon my return up North and so I am trying to get a jump on the menu. I read an article on the plane about a recipe using roasted figs and I can't get the roasted fig part out of my brain, though the rest of the recipe is lost to me. I found a recipe for a Veal Roast with fresh figs and rosemary that sounds divine and perfect for a winter's night. Recommend serving it with a porcini risotto, frise salad and an aged Bordeaux. Now of course, I just have to find a veal roast and fresh figs somewhere in Belfast!
I heard this recipe on NPR on my way down to Portland the other day to catch the plane to Florida. I totally want to try and make these Souffle Omelettes when I get home. I would try them here, but the kitchen is completely torn up from the fire my parents had a few months ago. The best trick I learned while listening to this recipe was about cracking eggs on flat surfaces to get a better crack.