Thursday, July 28, 2005

We had roast chicken last night for dinner...its Sebastian's favorite (for those of you who don't know, Sebastian is a BIG black beast of a giant schnauzer, weighing in at 115 lbs) I made it with a rub of fresh rosemary and sage from the garden and stuffed the inside with oranges and onions. Also made a white wine risotto and sauteed brussel sprouts for Greg (yuck) and lima beans for me...mmmmm Anyway, Sebastian has a routine when I roast a chicken that he never does with any other meal...he lays outside the gate to the kitchen while its cooking and just sniffs the air and moans every once in a while (we have chicken a lot, just cause I love it when he gets into his groove thang). When we carve it up, he whines outside the gate because he thinks he should be the one to get the first taste. He and Libby (Our other giant schnauzer and David's favorite pooch) usually get snacks after dinner. Last night however, we ate dinner while watching a movie while it thundered and poured rain outside. Sebastian hates thunder and he skulked off to a dark corner of the bathroom to wait it out.....or so I thought. When I got back to the kitchen, the gate had been opened and the chicken carcass was nowhere to be seen...the roasting pan however, was right where I'd left it on the counter. Sebastian was asleep on his back, paws in the air, in the corner of the kitchen...with chicken grease all over his beard! I was amazed that he ate the whole carcass, leaving only the onion from the inside as evidence. I am still worried that the cooked bones will harm him. I stayed up late into the night watching to make sure that he didn't get sick, choke, etc. I fed him ice chips to cool his throat, but he just went about his business and contentedly went to sleep with his head under our bed. He seems fine and perfectly normal this adverse effects yet. I hope he'll be ok.