Monday, July 21, 2003

Seng Thai, East Belfast, ME

House guests are at least good for one thing! We were taken out to dinner again by a different out of town guest. Since our guest room is full for a while, I think we'll probably eat well for a few weeks.

We'd been to Seng Thai a few years ago and didn't care to go back because Greg was not really impressed with his meal at that time. When I was down in Belfast yesterday thouh, some people were chatting about the place, so I thought we should go again.

We were pleasantly suprised this time. Our service was fast and attentive and we all had a glass of red wine faster than you can say "steamed dumplings, please."

I ordered the steamed dumplings which were really good. The black sauce was really tasty. Greg ordered the Crab balls, which were actually "krab" and not very good. Since we live on the coast of Maine, there is no excuse for using frozen crab substitute.

The menu told us to order our meals by means of a star grading for spicyness...1 star for least spicy and 5 for most. I ordered chicken cashew with a three star spice and my mouth was on was sinuses never felt better! Greg had the special of the evening, shrimp and chicken in a spicy asparagus sauce. He asked for 2 stars and said it was more like 5 stars..delicious, but it made his eyes water!

Our guest had a duck dish called "duck chow chee." The duck was plump and succulent and very nice.

We like the shabby chic interior. My favorite was the map of Thailand made entirely of pennies that confronts you at the front door. This place certainly gets the thumbs up from me. The price is right was about $20 a person.
Atmosphere......the penny art definitely makes this an A
Price...A for affordable.