Sunday, June 26, 2005

After several exhausting days working on the house...NEVER start 4 projects at once......we had the age ole debate about going someplace local that is "Cheap and Cheerful." Where the hell would that be! Tonight we have a candidate for that very spot. A place that we never even thought to try since they've been open after a remodel. Whooda thought that Willy World right here in Northport would be so excellent for the Cheap and Cheerful type of meal. So the place is now called "David's @ Willy World" complete with a pool table and live music on Friday and Saturday nights.
David was slammed and only had one server when we got there, so after a short wait, David came by himself and took our orders for wine and Mike's Hard Lemonade (beer and wine coolers are available too) as well as for Fried Haddock for Greg and the Cheeseburger with sweet potato fries for me. How delightful the food was! Perfectly crispy fries, moist quarter pounder with creamy cheese and a lightly battered and fried fresh haddock that was perfectly cooked on the inside. The decor is suitable, lots of nautical things to look at, fishing nets and paintings of ships on log roundels. Since there was a wait, David told us to make ourselves at home at the salad bar and then brought warm bread and soft salted butter, our favorite! Both David and his server were very attentive and really served the large crowd well. There are three tables outside and more inside where we were. Greg and I mentioned that we wanted to play miniature golf and David went and found us clubs and balls...we don't think anyone has used the course in awhile. Free icecream after dinner was the best treat.
This is really the perfect antidote to some of the other places in town that are getting a bit tired.

Food: A
Service: A+
Atmosphere: Suitable to cheap and cheerful: B+

Willy World is just South of the Blue Goose in Northport on Rte 1. For three drinks, Fried Haddock and a burger, the bill was $27.00 and change...not too bad for dinner and drinks out on the "town."