Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Angler's Diner, Searsport, ME

Tonight we were craving diner food again, but wanted something different, so we took off for Searsport to the Angler's Diner. I have always wanted to try this looks good, as evidenced by so many cars in the parking lot at all hours. Its a bit of a dive to look at, but that's what we like to call Chaaaam up here!

We were sent there by someone who said they had the best fried clams on the midcoast, and they were right. The portion was extremely large and very very fresh. We ordered Ceasar salads of course..(I am still on a quest for the most perfect ceasar salad in Maine and these were very good) the salads had a real ceasar dressing on top, not steeped in creamy dressing base as most ceasars are..this one had lots of fresh lemon and a dash of garlic. The cheese could've been more plentiful as could the dressing portion as the salads were HUGE, much bigger than anticipated. I ordered chicken and it was fresh and juicy, just perfect. Lots of happy smiles all around and very friendly, but busy wait staff. A full bar compliments the menu and fresh and fried seafood are the way to go here. The Angler's platter had loads of seafood including shrimp, but not clams for a very reasonable $15.00. We were stuffed enough to wave off their desserts, so we'll be going back.

From here, we had to catch the late showing of Charlies Angels in Belfast, a totally fluff movie, but we're there for the entertainment value anyway.
Food A
Atmosphere A