Sunday, July 13, 2003

Broadway Deli, Belfast, ME

Yesterday was wicked busy in Belfast with all sorts of art festivals and food booths set up. I went to help my friends David and Sarah at their lobster pound. We sold out of about 45 lbs of lobster in 40 minutes and cooked some for people to eat at our picnic tables. We had a load of people lined out the door for lobster when one of the lobstermen came into the dock with over 30 lbs of fresh catch for us to sell, including one that wieghed in at over 3lbs! (which we sold and cooked for a woman and her mother, who required our metal mallet to break the hard shell exterior!!! We also had a rare and elusive blue lobster! Anyway. Sarah and I don't eat lobster, so we had a break for lunch around 2:30 and I went to a new place in Belfast, the Broadway Deli on Main Street.

Great location, very nice atmosphere with show tunes (my favorite) and Broadway play posters. I thought the menu, which is designed to mimic a Broadway Playbill was very clever. The tables are small and look uncomfortable and the selection is not as extensive as one would want it to be.

When this place was being built out, I thought "great" they'll have a great selection of sandwiches and salads and other things. Well, since they only use Boar's Head products, there are really limited choices as to what to have. There are not Vegatarian subs (which is what Sarah wanted) and no salads, except pre packed potato and macaroni salads. :-( My sandwich was average. A lot of meat, but with only a measley single slice of cheese and a wilted looking tomato. Sarah ended up with a Turkey Club, which she said was pretty tasteless and not something she would order again.

We had a deli bar for dessert which appeared to be a butter crust with chocolate on top and then sprinkled with a crumb topping. The chocolate was mostly whipped egg and was really not what I was hoping for.
Atmosphere is a B+
Food is a C