Monday, August 25, 2003

Irving Mainway, Searsport

I never thought I'd be writing about the food served in a gas station on the side of route 1, but here goes......Greg had another craving for fish and chips after a long afternoon of installing and trimming out our new rear door to the house. I told him I'd treat him to his favorite dish down at the Hideaway, which happened to be closed...then we tried Anglers in Searsport, also, I suggested we could probably get fish and chips at the Irving Mainway described as a truck stop outside the big gas tanks in Searsport.
We were about the only ones there at 9pm on a Wednesday night..big suprise....Greg was adventurous and ordered the deep fried haddock and fries and I had a patty melt. The haddock was actually a fresh side of fish battered and deepfried on top of a heaping mound of the best crispy fries we'd had in a long time. Greg says that it was his best haddock experience yet. The patty melt was passible and I think you should stay away from the slaw.

Atmosphere: Mauve nautical
Food A-