Friday, October 17, 2003

Lobster Pound, Lincolnville Maine

We finally went to the Lobster Pound for dinner last night, having never eaten there at all. I figured as one who is allergic to seafood, that they would typically offer bad landlubber fare to those of us who don't imbibe....this was true. Greg had deep fried haddock as usual which he said was really good, but not as good as the Irving Mainway. His dad had the baked stuffed haddock and his mom had the baked parents, like son I guess. Both parents gave the food a big thumbs up. I had the roast turkey with Gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce and it was good, but smothered in a tastless canned gravy. that made it a disappointment. The atmosphere was pretty pared down...florescent lighting did a lot for the mood of the place...two well placed spider plants were all we had for decor...but the gift shop was hoppin'!

Food B
Atmosphere D-

OOPS! Greg just informed me that he didn't want to hurt his parents's feelings about the dinner at the Lobster Pound and so he fibbed a bit. When I asked him a few days later if he REAAAAAAALLLYYY thought the fish and chips were as good as Irving, he said the Lobster Pound food was horrible! No taste, very greasy, etc. He also tried his father's and thought there was no taste at all in the food and that the stuffing was just a bunch of seafood mush. I have to revise the ratings and give the Lobster Pound a resounding D all around.