Sunday, May 02, 2004

Fat Boy's Diner, East Belfast

Just tried this place for the first time this morning and felt so strongly about it that I came home to review the place. This was probably the worst breakfast I have had on the mid-coast since arriving here three years ago! Greg has asked me to quote him by saying that it rates a 10 on the suck-o-meter.

I'm sorry, but its really hard to ruin breakfast and they did it. For one, its hard on the eyes inside the was taken to spruce the place up a bit. Only cold water in the bathroom. Greg and I both ordered the same thing....2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 sausage or bacon, and homefries. Pancakes were dough balls, scrambled eggs were hard, bacon was crispy, but miniature, and the homefries were hard and raw. I asked for buscuits on the side and hard little baking powder buscuits arrived, burned on the bottom and dry as a bone on the inside.......Needless to say, we left without finishing the meal. Don't try this place if you can help it.

Grade: F all around