Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bebe's Burrito's, Biddeford,

Now there is a tongue twister if I ever saw one. What, you might ask, were we doing in Biddeford, Maine? The Miss Maine Pageant of course! Greg made a sheared beaver fur coat for the 2004 winner of the pageant and we were there to present the coat at the end of the festivities. It went over very well and we were really pleased. Anyway, we had a lot of time to kill between the dress rehersal and the pageant, so we explored Biddeford before going up to Portland. We walked into a Thai place on Maine street, but the waitress sneezed while serving food to a table while we were waiting at the entrance and I just couldn't bring myself to eat there. Next door was a very cute looking place called Bebe's Burritos, so we took a chance and were very happy with our lunch. First, the place is very well decorated with lots of small prints and photos on pleasantly toned walls. We were greeted with huge smiles and advice on what to order when we asked. Great place so far... We ordered at the counter, paid, and chose a sunny table near the window. I had the chicken quesadilla and greg had the beef. We had our choice of flavors for the homemade tortillas and I had spinach while Greg chose chili.
Now I usually like me chicken quesadilla grilled so that it is crispy on the outside and hot and tender on the inside. At Bebe's the tortillas are warm, but are not grilled. BUT, I have to give them so many kudos because they were fresh...fresh...fresh. The addition of perfectly salty chips and salsa on the side was a very nice touch. Greg scarfed his down in no time, so I know he loved the place. I will definitely go back.

Food: B+
Atmosphere: B+/ A-
Frendliness: A A A A (This is an important aspect of a review for me)


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