Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hey food fans! Maine Foodie has been on the road for the last week or so, and there is lots to tell. So we should have some great posts here over the next few days. But first, I want to back up to a few weeks ago when Greg and I met my sister and her friend down in Rockland at the Park Street Grille for drinks. Greg and I were starving, so we ended up staying for food. The margaritas were very good, but pricey at around $7.00 per. The food was average, I had a chicken quesadilla and greg had the chimichanga. His was dry, but there was some good flavor. Mine was a lot of food, but not as good as some that I have had in the past. This one was a bit soggy, which can happen. If I go to a place a second time, I usually ask for extra crispy on the outside. I am still searching for that elusive, fantastic, quesadilla that I used to get in Chicago at the Mexican joint we frequented. Anyway, with booths lined up against the windows, the Park Street Grille is a nice place to meet after work for a round or two. We had a great time and the server was really nice. I'd recommend the place for drinks and appetizers.
Atmosphere: B
Food: B-
Service: A



Ken said...


Either you went on a good night for service or I've always been there on bad nights for service. Maybe because you visited closer to on-season you got better service. I've been to Park Street Grille a few times and every time it takes forever for the food and even longer for the check. I agree with you on the food quality though. Definitely not the best Mexican but pretty good for the area.

Ken said...

P.S. Thanks for fixing the comments section!

seth said...

hey Ken, I should have added that we were there at 4:30, before they opened for dinner, so there were relatively few people in the place. Never been there when it was crowded.