Monday, March 13, 2006

I've been on this lunch kick thing lately...or it just might be that we are in Belfast usually around lunchtime and we might as well eat something. I guess we were going up to Bangor to test sit some more cars (not a lot up there suprisingly). So we decided on Belfast Bay Wrap on Beaver Street (say that ten times fast). Their website
to my suprise showed that they have two locations, one in Belfast and one in Augusta of all places. Charlie Laurel is the owner of both places and he came to Maine from Colorado to provide a better life for his kids. We met him at a wedding last year...a point about which he reminded us the other day. What we had a taste for was a "To Thai For" which is grilled chicken with a spicy red peanut sauce, jasmine rice, asian slaw ( green onion, carrot , cucumber) all “thaid” up in a cilantro tortilla. There was certainly enough in one wrap to feed the both of us. It was delicious, very healthy and juicy, but certainly a once a month treat as the wraps are pretty expensive at about $8.00 a pop. Charlie likes to think of these as a healthy fast food, and we certainly got out of there in about 7 minutes. I always forget that Bay Wrap is there, because I don't always walk down Beaver street, which is that diagonal street that runs from Post Office Square to the Co-op. Its a cute shop with two or three tables and several newspapers to peruse while you are waiting or when you eat there. Bay Wraps is a great alternative to a "normal sit-down lunch"


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