Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Turkey Sammiches
On our way to Augusta yesterday to test sit cars (being 6'6" makes car shopping quite a different experience, I test sat in about 40 cars and actually drove just one, the Saab 9-3 sport-combi wagon which gets 32mpg on the highway!) we stopped for take out lunches in Belfast....Greg to McDonalds of course and me to Bell the Cat where I had a roasted turkey and munster melt with pesto mayo and lettuce and tomato on rye. It was delicious, but cost me almost $9.00 with a bottle of water. Great place for complicated sandwiches and nearby shopping at Reny's, our favorite. Greg says that he got a kick ass fresh made turkey sandwich at Jack's on High Street for about $3.50 the day before...Jeez with the savings, I'll be able to afford that Saab in just about 10 years, or at least be able to afford to fill up my hugh honking SUV !

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Karla said...

I can't believe Greg eats at McDonalds. That stuff is deadly.

I have a friend who is another Really Big Guy(tm), who also test sits cars. Believe it or not, the last car he bought was a minicooper! He says they are somehow much bigger on the inside than the outside.

I wish I had a purse like that.