Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not much to report. Willy World opened back up again for the season. This Northport fine dining establishment has added a new bar, has the largest flat screen TV that I've ever seen, and one of the loudest, gramatically incorrect waitresses by whom Mainefoodie has ever had the displeasure to be served. Greg and I decided to split a sizzlin' combo fajita, with chicken and "steak" (I use the term loosely) While it is always fun to assemble your own food at table, there was no sizzlin' going on when the food arrived, and our server (with a tatoo of a smokin' skeleton on her forearm no less) decided she needed to supply running commentary during the beginning of our meal. We WERE the only table of customers in the place! Anyway, the sweet potato fries are always a hit and I'm sure that if I'd had a burger or the ole standby chicken fingers, my meal would've been great...at least we got the salad bar and a hot bread and ice cream as part of the meal!

Off to Florida on Saturday, and stopping through New Orleans on Monday for lunch..Hope to have a great review for you about that!

Ta Ta

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