Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We've been under construction here at the Foodie House. The covered porch that holds up the second floor bedrooms finally got straightened out, literally...What with new beams and jacking the house up and the tree guys cutting a view to the water through the woods, I've not had time for the ole blog here. Mea culpa once again.

We got most of the porch done in time for our "porch party" last Friday. Too bad that it was foggy and rainy and so gross out that everyone wanted to be inside by the fire! For Greg and me it was a seat of the pants party. Neither of us was in the mood since we'd spent most of that morning hauling 4 foot logs from the woods to the house and were tired and cranky. I'd gone to the store with somewhat of an idea that we would grill, but without know what we would grill...big mistake and 200 bucks later, I came home with squash and pork and lots of licquor. The grocery store had beautiful fresh bunches of sage, so I decided on a sage theme: sage pesto marinated and skewered squash and onions and a sage aioli for the pork, which I skewered with rosemary sticks and rolled around in garlic and sea salt. I put everything out with small rolls for sandwiches and had the sage aioli on the side. Who knew that 20 people could pick a table with six pork tenderloins clean! There was narry a piece of meat in sight after about 10 minutes. Greg and I nearly came to blows for the last scrap of meat after everyone (or so we thought) had been served. Right after that six people showed up (thought not the ones who offered to bring side dishes..the rat bastards!)

Everything we made was pretty easy. The sage pesto was simply fresh sage blendered with olive oil and garlic, sea salt and pepper to taste. It makes a lovely spicy pesto that zings. I made extra and added it to a bowl of mayo to make the aioli. You can easily sfind rosemary skewers in the produce section, they seem to spear very nicely (backwards) into tenderloins. Make sure not to overgrill the tenderlions as you want them juicy if possible!


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