Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Last night started our "Rolley-Polley's Guide" to the best chocolate chip cookie in town and I can honestly say that we haven't come close to finding a cookie that should be in the running yet. Well, since we have only tried two entries, that may be where the problem lay. We called it rolley-polley, because thats what we'll be after this poll is taken. Yesterday saw us at Dead River , filling up with gas and getting cookies..which were awful! Whats with not using real chocolate in the cookies? Just some cheap imitation brown wax??? I must say here that Dead River has perhaps the finest muffins I've encountered in town, but forget the cookies! It was this cookie fiasco that prompted the newest Maine Foodie poll for Belfast. I feel like the volunteers from seniour college who took a poll of 140 nessesity household items to see if they could find them in Belfast. If they failed, Belfast was going to welcome Wal-Mart in with open arms (smart, eh?) Luckily, they were able to find Depends at a good price over at the Rite Aid.

Today, I extended our coverage to include Weaver's Bakery on Main Street. This time honored bakery has a wonderful reputation, great raspberry crumbles, but HORRIBLE chocolate chip cookies...they taste like sugar cookies with imitation chocolate chips. Hard, crumbly, not a hint of either vanilla or cinnamon, or butter for that matter. Where oh where will we find that elusive, perfect cookie???



Billy Rhythm said...

I will tell you right now, Mr. Man, if you're looking for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie to contain "a hint of cinnamon," well sir, you're looking for the wrong item. There is no cinnamon in a proper chocolate chip cookie. No nuts, either.

seth said...

Poor Billy, I guess you haven't lived yet...experiment a bit next time you make a CCC batch and add a bit of cinnamon, you won't be disappointed. If, for some reason, you are disappointed, there is always time to start your own blog too.

Liz said...

I think most people don't get the cinnamon-chocolate connection. Shame.

The problem with Weaver's is that I don't think they use any real butter. We asked about those raspberry crumbles once, and the answer was shortening. Blech. At least they have decent donuts. With a hint of nutmeg.

What about Chase's?

Andrea said...

Try the chocolate chip cookies at the hospital. They're a good size and are delicious, as well as reasonable. In fact, you won't go wrong with any of the food there. The cafeteria staff do a great job. You are absolutely right about the muffins at Dead River, in fact my husband and I bought three today. Sandwiches at Dead River are also very good AND they have real (not low-fat) chocolate milk to go with the sandwiches.

Billy Rhythm said...

You're in luck, I do have my own blog! I hope you'll drop in once or twice a week, as I do yours.

I'm certainly aware of the chocolate/cinnamon connection. My opinion, though, is that the chocolate chip cookie is too classic a flavor to warrant it. Could you put those fancy spinner wheels on your '55 Chevy? Sure. Do they belong there. Nope.

Perhaps you're right. Maybe I should start a "No cinnamon/nuts/raisins/toffee chips/peanut butter in my chocolate chip cookies" blog.