Monday, October 30, 2006

I can't seem to go anywhere without someone saying that its time to update my blog! I guess thats good, but the pressure...oh the pressure!

We went to a birthday party on Saturday night that was billed as a potluck appetizer party. I was all set to go and had made 60 risotto cakes that needed to be cooked before the party...then we had a brown out because of that nasty storm. Our lights worked, but on about 1/2 power. The furnace didn't work, nor did the stove or the washing machine. I was SOL for the party and now stuck with all these risotto cakes!

Anyway, we picked up a fruit party tray at Hannaford and arrived at the party amid probably 20 trays of sushi! Everyone had the same idea.

I invited some people over on Sunday night for a dinner of risotto cakes and something else...1/2 of the invitees forgot (It was quite a party) and some others were tired and sick....a terrible thing to be at the beginning of the work week. So I fried up the cakes and found that they were really oily...the oil was super hot, but the cakes were still sopping it up. I tried to bake them, and they came out nice and golden brown, but now they weren't as moist as they should be. It was a dilemma. We decided that the cakes were way too much work and that I'm going to stick with plain ole risotto...which is awesome made with champagne, chicken stock, and sauteed leeks.

At least the shepard's pie with the whole wheat biscuit crust was a hit....even Wes, the vegetable hating 13 year old, thought it was delicious...though he was really bummed that there was no dessert.


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