Friday, June 29, 2007

We had a hankerin for Thai, so we went back to Seng Thai for an orange chicken that was out of this world. I have to tell you that I've avoided ordering the orange chicken because it usually comes with that nasty gelatinous goo that tastes like tang covering the chicken. But, Seng Thai's orange chicken is totally fresh and homemade. The orange sauce has a wonderful scent to it that is completely heavenly. We had the green curry again too. Mmmm. The one sour note was the wine. Seng Thai serves four wines, and they are all pretty cheap. I could drink them if they were chilled. Cheap red wine tastes so much better going down when its chilled.

We stopped by 3Tides on the way home and the summer season is certainly in full swing there. We need to stop by right after working hours when all our friends drop by and leave before 7 when the money starts rolling in the door. We didn't know a soul and even had to introduce ourselves to the new bartender, Seth. I was heartbroken when Little Luna said "goodnight Death" and she wasn't talking to me!!! Though she came over to tell me that she made my vodka upstairs in her kitchen... :-) (for those not in the know, Luna is just over 2 )
Jason instructed Seth on how to make my usual drink and he did it pretty well...lets just say it was a bit redder than I'm used to.
All in all a good evening.

Greg is having an open studio on Sunday and I am making the food. I'm thinking of something with brioche dough or perhaps sausage puffs and something with curried chicken salad. Greg has given me the directive that it has to be dry, no messy food around the merchandise!

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