Friday, August 10, 2007

We had a lobster fest here last night with my parents and friends. I served the last of the clam chowder that I made several days ago, but have never tasted. I had a tried and true recipe for chowder, but have lost it and cannot remember proportions. When I asked last night about how it tasted and what people would add or subtract, I got different answers from everyone and some disputes over whether it was "clammy" enough. I guess I didn't put in enough onions, my mother wanted more cream, my aunt said she wanted more of a distinct clam broth taste, and Greg said that while it was good, it wasn't up to my standards but he didn't know why. I guess I forgot to add the tasty juice. :-(
I'm going to make a batch again for next weekend, so I'll have to tweak it and then share the recipe.

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