Monday, December 31, 2007

I have to post these pictures of making the stuffed bosc pears yesterday. I took out my frustrations of the past couple of days on making a dessert that was complicated and involved. I had a great time making it, but it took over 2.5 hours to make enough for 14 people. The peeling, and coring took probably an hour.

The poaching liquid was cool to make, red wine, vanilla beans, cinammon stick, and anise (which I didn't use much of because I am not a licqorice fan.

The stuffing was also fun, it is diced dried apricots and pecans, cooked on the stove with butter and brown sugar to make a candied apricot mixture.
Once I stuffed the pears, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I must make sure to refridgerate the stuffed pears for a bit longer so that the stuffing stays inside the pear when I dunk the whole in chocolate.

So, dunking in really good bittersweet chocolate is a must.

What I don't have a photo of is the final plating. The recipe called for me to make a spicy sabayon sauce made with egg yolks, chile powder, sugar, and a cup of dry white wine. That went into a bowl first, topped with the pears, and then I sprinkled fresh raspberries around the base and added a sprig of fresh mint to the mix.
A friend's brother and sister-in-law were visiting from Ireland and she told me it was the best dessert that she had ever had. She wanted me to come back to Ireland with them as a cook...not a bad gig, I'm sure...but I don't know how to cook in a sheep's udder!
Personally, I think it was a bit much to eat after so much Mexican food (Thanks Peter!!) I was so full, that I had to leave the party almost immediately after dinner.
Now I have to get busy making things for tomorrow.

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Jan said...


This dessert sounds absolutely insanely good. Any chance of posting (or emailing me -- jan AT blueberriesandlobster DOT com) the recipe? I've got a dinner party coming up soon that this would be perfect for, and I bet I could make everything ahead, and it would be worth the prep time.