Saturday, February 02, 2008

I think I've dropped about a trouser size in the two weeks that I've been watching the food intake. The Go Lean hot cereal in the morning has really made a difference. I have been getting frozen fruit and thawing about 1/2 a cup at night and then adding it to the cereal along with a banana. That gives me about three of the six servings of fruit and vegetables that I need for the day. About 10, I'll have half a grapefruit or an orange and some tea and that works just grand.

I was proud of myself yesterday. I had the hot cereal and then went to attend an auction where they had all the sugar coated breakfast doughnuts and pastries one could want. I passed them up for two bottles of water. Of course I was starving on my way home at 2, so I stopped at Big G's in Winslow and had a small chicken finger basket (2) and sweet potato fries. MMMMMM its good to cheat. Greg and I had a grilled chicken and spinach salad for dinner. I dredged the chicken in panko for effect and it worked out beautifully.

Today for soup, I made a puree of Bob's Red Mill soup mix (split peas, lentils, pasta, and other stuff), carrots, celery, turnips and butternut squash and low sodium chicken broth. I made it a few days ago and pulled it out of the fridge today only to find that it was the consistancy of ...well it was hard??!!?? We scooped it into cups and microwaved it to a hot beanie consistancy and it was good and hearty and so filling for only about 350 calories for a cup full.

I used an online calorie counter yesterday that asked several questions before calculating what my daily calorie intake should be for me to lose 1.5 lbs a week. It asked me m/f? asked me my current weight and the target weight, and how much time I was planning to lose the weight. How tall I am (6'6") and what my exercise regime is during an average day. (light to moderate) I plugged in 75 lbs as a target loss and a target date as next January 1. After the calculating, the counter came up telling me that I could eat 3300 calories a day and easily hit my target weight in 11 months. WHAT??? I can have cake too???? is about all I thought when I saw that...I'm probably taking in around 2000-2300 calories a day now. I never realized how high in calories beans are....they are just low in fat calories...the best.

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