Friday, February 15, 2008

You can eat healthy on road trips! I went down to Boston the other day on one of my speed runs, this time during the snow and rain storm we had on Wednesday. I was on the Maine turnpike around lunchtime and I was starving, having had only two bananas and some bottled water that morning. I was able to stop at the Kennebunk Oasis and with a bit of shopping around in the t-shirt shop, was able to come up with lowfat yogurt, two things of part-skim string cheese, unsalted cashews, and an Odwalla fruit powerbar plus water. I ate about half and was sated for a good 2 hours and then I ate the rest...not too bad in terms of fat and caloric intake.

I won't tell you how I cheated on the way home the next day, but I am still broken up and guilty about it, so my changed eating habits are working on me. I didn't like how full I felt after cheating.

I came home and made a decadent dinner for Greg for Valentinies day.

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