Saturday, February 28, 2004

Update on the Summer House Cafe, Belfast

So, Vicky and I decided after our 2 mile walk with the black beasties this morning that we should celebrate and do lunch somewhere....we thought about driving to Rockland and then going to the Farnsworth, but quickly lost our enthusiasm to drive so far and settled on the Summer House Cafe, the new gig in town.

If you read the last review I gave the place, we didn't even stay to taste the food, but left after the fifth time we were told that "someone would seat us in just a moment." This time we were seated right away.

I was dismayed to see that one isn't able to order breakfast food past 11am, even on weekends when that is really what one wants to order. Sigh......Ok, keep an open mind I thought. The menu is a bit cutsie for me...I didn't want to order the chicken salad with apples because I didn't want to have to say "I'll have a cluck fruitie on rye, please" So I went with the Thanksgiving gobbler...turkey and cranberry salsa with stuffing on bread. and Vicky had a cup of cream of mushroom soup and a 1/2 a grilled Reuben, which looked and smelled really good. She loved the soup and said the reuben was one of the best she's found in Maine so far. Mine was great too, though a bit skimpy on the turkey (one slice) and heavy on the stuffing.

We admired the decor, which is cute, but not overly so...blueberry rakes adorned the walls of the room we were in. The table was large and the chairs very comfy.

When dessert time came, the server talked me into the triple chocolate silk cake which she said was delicious. She must have had a different version, because this piece was terrible. I love chocolate, but this cake, which is supposed to be like three layers of mousse and or pudding, tasted like tasteless rubber. Thumbs down for that dessert. I have had their things in the past when the chefs worked in another location and I thought they were good. This must have been an off day for the silk cake though. Yuck.
Food: B
Atmosphere: B+ the green walls get to me after a while
Service: A- She talked me into dessert when I didn't really want it..mark of a good server