Saturday, February 28, 2004

Siam, Portland

Greg and I stopped in Portland for dinner on our way to Boston last week. It took us 3 hours to get down from home to Ptown because of the snow storm, so needless to say I was cold and grumpy when we got there. After splitting a bag of pretzels on the way down, I wasn't that hungry, nor did I want anything to drink, so much to our server's dismay on a Saturday night, we ordered just water and two appetizers.

I think Siam is a new place in the old port section of town. It appeared hip and cozy and had a huge salt water fishtank in back that was completely cool. Big stone sculptures adorned the walls as well as official portraits of the royal family of Siam that hung above the bar. Very cool. I had steamed dumplings with a spicy ginger dipping sauce that were heavenly and Greg ordered the Sate. Both portions were really ample and the sauces were fabulous. Once we explained to our server that we needed to get back on the road to Boston in the snow, she completely understood our situation and was very friendly. Great place, highly recommeded.
Food: A
Service: A
Atmosphere: A