Monday, March 08, 2004

Miss Portland Diner, Portland

I've wanted to go to the Miss Portland Diner ever since I saw it for sale on Ebay. I'm a big Diner fan and the pictures of the interior of this railcar diner looked pretty cool. Well, after spending the night thrashing around on a reeeaaaaally lumpy futon and getting my face batted by a purring cat all night long, I was ready for some good food to say the least. All I can say is...too bad we picked the Miss Portland Diner to satisfy my breakfast cravings.
I love meal of the day by far for me in terms of being served good food. I don't really love to make breakfast, but I will.....Anyway, bacon and eggs with a grilled biscuit or something out of the ordinary is always the call. Too bad the Miss Portland missed that calling.
We waited for a good 5 to 7 minutes before our server came over. She seemed hassled and was forgetful. After getting drinks and pouring over the measely menu, I chose eggs, bacon, and a grilled seseme bagel. My sister had homefries, bacon, and a bagel. A full 20 minutes later, our stomachs rumbling, our food arrived. The bacon was microwaved and looked like sizzlean, the eggs had a load of whiltes showing and the whole wheat bagel (see above) was sopped in grill grease and had no butter on it. Ann's bagel was completely burned through and the homefries were barely cooked cut up potatos with no seasonings. All for the astonishingly high price of $18.00. The Miss Portland is closing at the end of this wonder!
Food: A disappointment C-
Atmosphere: A Huge Dirty Disappontment C
Service: Whatever C