Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hideaway Diner, Northport
This is an update of a place that used to be one of our favorite, easy places to go for dinner. Its been taken over in the last year or so and has really gone downhill rapidly. Last night's food was terrible! There was only one table occupied save for the table the owner was using and it was a "special menu" night (Mexican Fiesta) as well as their normal menu.
Every once in a while, when we are tired and working late, we want to just go someplace cheap and cheerful for dinner....well, that just doesn't exist here on the we go to the hideaway, which is at least cheap. The decor is old, tacky and a bit dirty. They have removed traditional diner food like burgers and chicken strips and hot dogs from the menu in favor of things they think will impress the smothered beef tips and chicken parmesan. Yuck is what I have to say to this.
Greg, of course, always has the fried haddock which he said was fair to mediocre. Me, I found it hard to order something safe from the menu to order. Tried to order the roast turkey, but they were out of it...tried to order the pork, but they were out of that too....had to have the chicken parm, because it was the next safest looking arrived just as I knew it would....fried chicken strips sitting in overdone greasy pasta covered in bottled sauce with parmesan cheese on top and then stomach is still greasy!
Food D+
Atmosphere D-
Enjoy while I go out and get a bromo seltzer,

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