Sunday, April 17, 2005

Food musings from Florida part 2
I was just over on the beach watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico and thinking about some of the other food experiments I tried this winter that
I have not shared but should. I'll write them down here and then probably put the recipes on site when I get home. If there is something in these musings that you absolutely must try, shoot me a comment or an email, mostly so that I know that David, aka "my biggest fan" is really not the only person who reads these. There was a wonderful woman who emailed me a while back, but I bet I lost her in my winter inertia.
Anyway, one of the hits of recent dinners in Maine Foodie's kitchen was a very simple yet tasty Chicken curry with mashed acorn squash and a delicious wild rice mix I found at the Coop in Belfast.
One dish that needs more experimenting, but got raves (I love the attention, I think thats why I cook) was a spicy potato encrusted chicken breast that I made up. It was really tasty, but definitely needed help in the crispy potato department. This evolved out of making pecan and cornmeal encrusted pork chops...maybe thats what I'll make the old folks tomorrow night (can you say geriatric dinner party? I knew you could) We are having my grandparent's friends for grandparents died in the early '80s if this gives you a hint as to age here!
Ok, time to wrap up the ramblings and clean the kitchen (the other reason I cook...I usually don't have to clean, but since Mom made spagetti, I get to scour...oh my cuticles!

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