Monday, August 01, 2005

Hey all, here is a recipe that had everyone cheering with their mouths full at dinner the other night...that is between gulps of water to put the fires out in their mouths! Every once in a while we have taco nights with homemade filling, refried beans, corn or whole wheat tortillas, cheese and fresh tomatos. Its easy and fun and entertaining. A meal that one can make with the kids or friends gathered in the kitchen. Everyone gets to help chop and such.

Greg wanted tacos the other night, but I didn't have ground beef or chicken ready to go. Decided that we could try Sausage tacos! I had a roll of ground hot sausage that I browned and doctored up a bit...I tell you it was an instant success.

1 lb of hot ground sausage
medium chopped onion
either a package of taco seasonings or:
dashes of ground red pepper, chili powder, couple of fresh cloves of garlic, salt and pepper cilantro, etc.
chopped tomato
chopped lettuce if desired
grated cheese...we use whats on hand, usually a brick of chedder
heated refried beans

Put it all together and have fun!


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