Monday, August 01, 2005

I went to the grocery store on Thursday and there were great deals on meat everywhere. Greg has to have meat at dinner because of the protein. I never ate much meat at night before we met, because I never wanted to cook it, and frankly, working for a museum just didn't pay me enough to eat meat all the time.

So, I snapped up all these meat specials and brought them home to freeze. Last night I took out a beautiful pork tenderloin to cook, but decided that we weren't going to eat all of it, so I cleaved it into thirds and then made pork medallions with what we were going to eat. I then ground fresh pepper over all of them, and marinated in a mixture of fresh leeks, red wine, soy sauce and white pepper. I sauteed the mixture in butter and olive oil and added baby asparagus on top to just steam until done.

When ready, I took out the meat and the vegetables and then added a bit more butter, flour and redwine to make a very colorful sauce for the top of the meat . It was pretty good.


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