Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hey all, been on the road a lot lately. Just back from Chicago where I had lunch with a client at a hip downtown restaurant called NAHA. Its a huge space for a Chicago restaurant and in the space of the old Gordon's, a place my ex-boss used to take us to celebrate work accomplishments. When Gordon closed and left Chicago, he moved to Camden where he became increasingly bitter about life and disparaged people who lived here as unsophisticated. We had Gordon to dinner here one night and he regaled us with tales that are too sordid to type about! Well, ole Gordon moved on and moved to New Zealand to become a Sommolier...good for Gordon.
Anyway, I digress...NAHA was a great place for lunch. I had the best Rustic Chicken Ceasar salad that had lightly seasoned roasted potatoes, juicy chicken, shaved parm, oil cured tomatos, garlic crutons and wonderfully fresh greens. My client had the roasted chicken salad with Crimson Raisins, Pine Nuts and Fava Beans. By Chicago standards for lunch, it wasn't pricey at $14.00 a salad. We were good and had water and nothing else and got out of there for $32.00. The decor was very swanky, done in muted chocolate suedes and grays. The service was fantastic, I had someone pour water for me evertime I took a sip from my glass. I loved it.

Everything gets an A here.


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