Monday, September 26, 2005

So our neighbor's son wedding was great. It was in their backyard under a tent behind their 1797 Federal house with a fantastic view of the Bay. It was catered by a local caterer in Belfast, Trillium. They had a full bar and served apple cider martinis which were very tasty. The passed hors d'oeurves were vegetarian sushi which were passable and crab and avacado quesadillas, which looked wonderful, but yours truly didn't have any, and Greg was having too much fun to notice. There was also a cheese and fruit bar and an oyster bar...very swanky.

Dinner was a buffet with lamb kabobs and scallop kabobs. The lamb was really tender and lean though a bit cold. Greg said the scallops were lukewarm and a bit underdone. There were also big fresh orange and red tomato slices with purple basil which were great and colorful and the most memorable part of the dinner. We also had salad and rice pilaf.

The cake was gorgeous, five layers of square marble cake with a super smooth icing and small wine grapes and currants spilling over the sides, but the icing tasted too much like butter and the cake itself was hard...I guess you need that to make something so pretty. I always want my cakes to be moist, so they are always lopsided!

Anyway, we had a fabulous time. Food was secondary (can you believe I said that?) or even third on the list after the '80s cover band to which everyone danced



Karla said...

Ohhh...well, it sounds like I could make a living catering if I ever finally get myself moved up to Maine. Did I mention that mys sister makes wedding cakes? Sounds like a really good wedding, all-in-all.

Btw, Seth, I'm still drooling over the house for sale in Northport. It's a budget-breaker, but I've been dreaming about it.

Congrats on your sale of the plonk.

seth said...

Its a very cute place Karla, and the dog walking is not to be believed here. The house is just up the hill from Saturday Cove, a place we take the dogs swimming every day in the summer months. There is also a great 3 mile loop for walking or exercising that runs along the water. I could take some photos of the view from the house and send them off to you to tempt you!!

Check out Stockton Springs, the next town north of Searsport..there are still some good deals there...or Winterport