Friday, October 14, 2005

So this morning was clean the fridge morning. We've had so many people here over the last week that there was a ton of stuff just sitting in there waiting to be made into something.....I thought, "time to make dog cookies" I took left over roast beast, some old celery, and some left over broccoli spears and ground them up in the cuisineart. Then had some left over lobster stock to temp the puppies, so I threw that in. Add lots of oatmeal, a bit of peanut butter and an egg and mix well. Drop onto cookie sheet like peanut butter cookies and flatten with a fork for best results. I baked at 300 for a while and then dropped it to 200 to dry the cookies out and now the pups are enjoying a rather lovely rich, natural dog treat. They are doing the happy dance in front of the kitchen as I type.


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