Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Greg has a friend who buys him really fashionable clothes for Christmas every year. Usually she is spot on for his style. This year however, she came up with a John Galiano hunting jacket with pleather highlights and huge, ugly pockets, prompting Greg to remark upon opening the package "guess the old girl has finally gone 'round the bend!"
We took a trip to Boston yesterday to return the coat to Saks for a refund. I have never in my life been treated as poorly by shop girls and shop boys as I have at the Saks in Boston. I mean what rock did these "fashionistas (insert giggle here)" crawl out from so they could be snotty to the public? These people work on commission! We left with Greg's credit vowing to spend it in New York next week at the Saks there....at least you expect to be treated like some gum on the foot of a bug in NYC, but in Boston?????
Well, after an exhaustive day of trying on clothes that cost more than my stove, we decided to get a bite of cheap Thai or something and ended up at Chili Duck across the street from the Prudential Center. Why do all Thai restaurants have to get the flashiest, tackiest decor to put on the walls...I mean is there a craptastic catalog sent out to all the Asian restaurants with framed wrapping paper and sparkly velvet paintings of pagodas for sale? Yikes!
We decided on an appetizer from the authentic Thai menu, so we chose Nom Tok, which is a spicy pork in a ginger, basil, vinegar sauce. Man, it was great! Came with a beautiful orchid blossom on the side. I could have eaten that for lunch, but we went to the regular menu for that and were a bit disappointed. I had yellow chicken curry with vegetables and potatoes and it was nice, and somewhat hot, but not the best. Greg had another chicken dish with hot basil leaves that was ok, but not as hot as he was looking for.
But, for 30 bucks with tip in downtown Boston, you can't beat the price. The service was great too. There was never anytime where we had to wait for anything. I'd go back, but I would order off the small authentic menu instead.


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Ken said...


Chili Duck is fairly good and as a college student our meal plan worked there. One of the better meal plan restaurants I might add.