Thursday, January 12, 2006

Its been a peanut butter and mac and cheese kind of winter so far. We have both been super busy and really haven't done anything but work work work and grab some grub in between. I think there were about 3 days where there was just peanut butter and pumpernickle in the fridge.
Well now that my three week holiday binge is over (I get an extra 7 days due to my birthday week--hey you grab what you can in life, right?) I have gone back to the gym and started to eat better. I just treated myself to a gob of peanut butter on artisan bread because I'm just home from the gym.
I used to be a raving Skippy super chunk fan but then decided I wanted my peanut butter's only ingredient to be peanuts! I think Skippy's first ingredient is corn syrup. I made the switch to Teddie's crunchy. It takes a long time to get used to, but I can't go back, its so good now.... maybe I'll peel an orange now...sigh!


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fuzzbe said...

Waiting patiently for your next installment!