Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I was in Portsmouth a few weeks ago with my friend Christine and her friend Ted. We were driving up from Boston to attend an auction preview and in the 45 minutes it took us to drive there, Chris received about 6 phone calls from what I like to refer to now as her entourage. Everyone wanted to know if Chris was going to the preview (this was at about 8 am on a Saturday morning). I don't get that many phone calls in a week, much less on a saturday morning! Chris is my popular friend...I feel like so cool when she lets me hang out with her.
After we got to the preview, Chris collected her entourage and they planned a lunch outing. I had over 100 lots to examine at this auction, so I thought I might not go, but then I thought...hmmmm...I need SOMETHING to write about on this site. We took off in no less than five cars bound for the Rusty Hammer in downtown Portsmouth. The Rusty Hammer is pretty much a sports bar restaurant. They have a HUGE menu and their hamburgers, known as wimpys, are famous. I think I was the only one at the table of 13 people who didn't have a wimpy. Take my advice when eating at the Rusty Hammer, have the waffle fries. I think fries taste better when they are cut in the shape of waffles. My chicken tenders were actually homemade and very good and juicy. Everyone drank, except me since I had to go back to work, and the cocktails looked bountiful.
The RH seems like a great place to meet friends, drink at the bar, or sit at the table and watch "the game" Its a very friendly place, and has a TGI FRIDAY'S type of decor and feel, yet you know its not a chain restaurant.


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Victor said...

I lived in Portsmouth up to 7 years ago and always liked the Rusty Hammer for just the reasons you stated, good hamburgers and nice local bar atmosphere.

Its nice to see they are still the same. I will probably stop by again the next time I am in Portsmouth.