Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Sunday was a very long day with nothing going on. The weather was bad and nobody invited us to an Easter brunch, no nuthin'! Feeling sorry for ourselves, we tried to do everything from going to the gym..closed to going to Hannaford to find something fun for dinner...closed! We were SOOL. So we got in the car around dinner time and drove around and around looking for someplace to land...even Pizza Hut was closed. We ended up going to the Irving Station in Searsport to eat. How sad and pathetic were we! The sign outside said "Join us for Easter!" We were one of probably 5 tables, all of which had lovely plastic Easter centerpieces complete with sparkly plastic and velvetine easter egg.

We used to love coming up here, because the food was relatively good. I think they have changed food merchants though because their chicken fingers were not as good as they used to be. Greg liked the fish and chips, but said that he could get better ones at Willy World in Northport (There is a for sale sign in front of Willy World in case anyone is interested)

We had a bunch of laughs and toasted the Easter Bunny. All in all a pathetic, yet strangely satisfying Easter. We came home and watched movies, had popsicles and popcorn and went to bed fat and happy.


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