Monday, April 03, 2006

haven't really been doing anything exciting in the kitchen. I did make butterscotch pudding for Sarah from 3Tides, cause it seems to be her favorite...ugghhh. (I used a jello mix)

Didn't get any feedback about the photos, so I'll cease those.

Back at you next week when I return from being on the road.



Cheryl Fuller, Ph.D. said...

Noooo! Don't stop the photos -- it's fun to see how things other people make turn out!

Billy Rhythm said...

Wow, PhD! Neat.

I didn't know we were suposed to comment on the photos. I, too, like them. It adds a little something visually. Please keep them.

fuzzbe said...

Keep posting photos! Love 'em. I would have commented earlier, but I thought you were going to keep posting them.