Monday, April 03, 2006

We drove down to Cape Cod to preview an auction. Took the dogs and drove there and back in one day...Greg is never coming on a business drive with me again, I can tell. We went to an auction preview and then went out for lunch...a difficult feat during the winter months on the cape. Found a place right near the auction house called the Lost Dog Pub in East Dennis. Lemme say that it was perfect in a pinch. Greg had fish and chips that he wolfed down because we hadn't eaten since 6am and it was about 3pm. I think he mumbled that the fish was great and the skinny fries he had were excellent. The rest of us had pesto pizza. I need to remember that pesto and pizza don't nessesarily go together. My pizza was excellent, but sooooo oily!
The interior of the place was very pub-like. I wonder if its that dark in the summer months too.

It was pretty great driving around Cape Cod.


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