Monday, June 12, 2006

I've been blogging around recently and came alight to one great blog name called Granny gets a Vibrator Its pretty funny.

Anyway, it was Sunday and we had leftovers last night. I thinly sliced the rest of a London broil that we had over the weekend (marinated in a mix of balsamic vinegar, soy, worcestershire sauce, and garlic), took a cast iron skillet and sauteed some onions, asparagus, and garlic together and then added the beef and the rest of the marinade that I made into gravy using a rou and some red wine. I also made some Mexican style rice with black beans. (London Broil and Mexican Rice---how international can you get???) and made ersatz fajitas with everything rolled up in some flour tortillas with grated pepperjack cheese. MMMMMMM.

Hey, happy Sun! I planted my vegetable garden in the pouring rain last Tuesday and I swear its all grown a foot since then. I planted a strange garden, three types of tomatos, cantelope, butternut and acorn squash, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and strawberries. I mean, we already have mystery zucchinis and squash appear at our back door in bags, so why grow them? Beans too. Once the darn thing gets going, I'll post pics of my postage stamp garden.


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