Friday, June 09, 2006

Got up this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed and just raring to fire up the Maine Foodie Test Kitchen so that we could try this boiled omelette (see below). It really was quite fun, but no faster than making a regular omelette. I guess it really only would work for a crowd of people who all wanted their own ingredients. I also suppose that if you are inclined to make an omelette in a bag for your guests, you are also inclined to buy precooked sausage and already grated cheese. If you live in Florida where they have packs of pre-diced vegetables and onions, it would make it even more FUN and easy!
We think the whole idea of boiled omelettes in a bag is stupid and figured the eggs would taste like melted plastic, but they were suprisingly good and healthy since you don't cook the eggs in butter (sigh) The omelettes do roll right out of the ziploc bag and onto your plate in a perfect roll. I told a friend about this experiment today and her eyes lit up as she told me its the perfect idea for all these people she is putting up for a wedding next weekend! NOTE *** It is essential that you write your name on the outside of the bag***

Keep sending your outrageous recipes to me and I'll think about trying them in the Maine Foodie Test Kitchen.


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fuzzbe said...

Just a word of caution! DO NOT TRY THIS IN A MICROWAVE! I have a friend who did and ended up with a rubbery omelet flavored with zip lock bag bits. How's that for a gourmet treat?