Friday, September 28, 2007

So the big local gossip is that Dos Amigos is for sale, the whole thing, restaurant and property. The price is a whopping $600,000. Which, when you think about it, isn't that much for a restaurant that seems to pack people in while putting out consistantly crappy Mexican food. Why anyone would overpay for food that makes you come home and sit down on the pot for hours, I'll never know. I know a lot of full timers in Bayside go there for the convenience and I think a lot of them sit at the bar there and get their gig on. If their menu changes for the better, it would be a welcome change here in ole Northpoke.

For the money and with a bit of renovation, I still think the better bet is Willy World, the closed down restaurant south of Dos on Route 1. The price there is around $185,000, but I'm not sure if the restaurant gear is included. I think the right peole could make this place into a gold mine. Switch the parking lot to the front of the building and create a big deck with a very cool garden in the back. There are over three acres to work with here and a slight expansion out the back would make room for more music and tables. Voila, the Northport Roadhouse!

In other news: I was barreling down Route one the other day when I saw a bunch of free zucchini on the side of the road. So I mashed on my brakes and pointed the Saab towards a ditch at the side of the road....I can never pass up free stuff on the side of the road...its The power of free. Anyway, what am I to do with all this zucchini? I also have all these frozen bananas too, so I thought I would make a zucchini banana bread, never heard of such a thing, so I googled it and found several very tasty recipes that people were raving about, saying how moist is was and how easy it was to get the kids to eat zucchini this way (Hey Kim...Wes could use some of this to get the daily veggie requirements down his gullet!) I'll blog about it after I make a batch.


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Kim said...

Sounds Yummy Seth!

But if I may make a suggestion and if Wes is to be coerced into veggies, might "Chocolate Zucchini Bread" break his holy war on vegetables?

Then I could raise those happy little seratonin levels AND achieve our daily reccomended requirements!

Gotta go do some "drive-by" zucchini shopping...Hope to see you soon!