Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We went to a cook out last night that was really fun. Four chefs from local area restaurants were there, all standing around the grill watching the hot dogs cook. It was beautiful! I made chipwiches using my toffee cookies with milk chocolate chips recipe and Gifford's Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream. Giffords is a Maine company, so I feel good about shopping locally. Our freezer doesn't really freeze well sometimes, so when I pulled them out to take to the party, I saw that the chipwiches were kinda melted. I think its time for a new fridge / freezer.

We had to go fit a coat for one of Greg's clients after the party, so we didn't get to stay much longer after having dogs and salad. We were bummed about not having some of our own chipwiches for later and thought about going back to the party, but I was sleepy....

The host told us there would be about 16 people there, so I made probably 2 dozen. About 12 people came, so I think the hosts are pretty long on chipwiches!!! I hope there isn't too much of a sugar buzz in that house for the next few weeks

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