Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Big score today at Marden's in Waterville. I hopped in the car with my Harry Potter book on disc...all 36 disks worth and headed off to Gardiner to an auction preview. Decided after looking at a lot of junk to head to Augusta and see if I could find some food for Sebastian to help his allergies. He sits around all day and licks his paws and shakes his head 'cause his ears are itchy. We switched the dogs' food to Wellness brand, which is wheat free, but it still makes him itchy. I ended up with potato and duck kibble from Nature's Balance which is hawked by Dick Van Patten of "Eight is Enough" fame. Anyway, since Waterville is only about 24 miles further, I wanted to check out the new Mardens and had to go up to Colby for some museum business.
When I got to Marden's they still had Nature's Balance for 1/2 price, so I bought about 6 months worth for the pups. Sebastian seems to be less itchy when he eats it. Normally, a 30 lb bag costs $40.00! These were $19. I did my happy bargain dance and loaded up eight of the bags in my cart as people stared with bemused expressions.

By now you are wondering what this has to do with PEOPLE food, aren't you? Well, after that I went up to the museum and ended up having lunch with some of my friends who work there. They took me to the coffee shack II on Kennedy Memorial Drive, right past the Black Stove Shop. Its a groovy small deli where you can order sandwiches, or burgers and dogs, or get donuts and coffee. Super nice people and good food. I ordered a chicken salad on marble rye (there were three choices of chicken salad and I had the regular as opposed to the cranberry walnut or some other kind) I was asked if I wanted it pressed, which means grilled in a sandwich press...a delighful way to toast the bread. My friends each had a reuben and a pressed cheese sandwich which they liked very much. For dessert we split a key lime and white chocolate chip cookie...a great way to end a fast lunch.

Everything was very nice....B+ all around.



Anonymous said...

Try Royal Canin for dogs! Look it up on the net. All kinds of different formulas! Good stuff, but $$$$$$$$$$. You can get it in Bangor at Petsmart. My no-class cat Speedo now has a beautiful coat!! Goes to show that "class" is in the eye of the beholder! Cheers..........

Anonymous said...

This advice comes from fuzzbe!!

Karla said...

Have you tried oatmeal based food? We've been buying 1 or 2 of nearly every kind of natural food for one of our dogs who is a picky eater and is undergoing treatment for stomach cancer. I think the oatmeal was a Nutro brand.

Also..being fond of cooking, have you ever considered making your own dog food? I used to do that in huge batches and freeze it. The vet said I had the healthiest dogs she'd ever seen.